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Maria’s Manor is more than just a homestead, it’s a place where people come together for music, fun, laughter and hospitality. It’s a place where I sell carpets and display some of the most beautiful art I have collected from around the world.


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The Red Teapot Gallery is about 12 years old. It’s much more than a gallery. It’s a gallery of different things, of joy, fun, laughter, interesting design, paintings, sculptures, cloth and a lot more items which involve handmade articles.


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[pivot_text icon=”” type=”left”]Portchie is a name from school, but it’s much also much more than that, it’s a person, not of different varieties of character. In essence I’m just a small boy from a small town in the Free State, South Africa, where I grew up with good values and good creativity.[/pivot_text]
[pivot_text icon=”” type=”left”]I grew up with parents who was creative with what they did in their lives. That taught me to look out, not just for myself, but for the people around me. To create work, to create interesting things and be creative in a lot of different ways. Not just one single aspect; not just painting, not just sculptures, not just cloth or jewelry.[/pivot_text]